The Award Scheme

Scout Award Scheme changes noted from 2014 amended book edition

Explorer Campcraft

Fire & Fuel (c ) Gas Lamps & mantles deleted

Explorer Emergencies

Knowledge added
g) Demonstrate the correct method for treating a victim of snake or spider bite.

Explorer Water Safety

The Option to pass by completing Life Saving Course - deleted

Adventurer Water Safety

Complete all of 1-4 OR
Complete a recognised Lifesaving badge AND all the requirements for sections 3 & 4

Adventurer Emergencies

Knowledge (c ) Recognise dynamite and other munitions was replaced by
(c ) Be able to recognise suspicious and/or dangerous chemical situations and potentially explosive devices, and know what to do should you find them.

Anchor badge


Landcare badge

This changed in 2013 with a totally new-look badge and new requirements.

Other Changes to note

The pdf pages covering the award scheme have minor changes that I will include here as I spot them.

Explorer Emergencies

Knowledge a) Demonstrate knowledge and use of EAR - deleted

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