The Award Scheme

The Australian Scout Award Scheme consists of
  • Scoutcraft Badge
  • Target Badges
  • Proficiency Badges
  • Patrol Activity Badges
  • Cords
  • The Scout leadership Course
  • The Leadership Activity
  • The Australian Scout Medallion
The award scheme is outlined on the Scouts Australia website.


The Scoutcraft Badge is the first badge every Scout will earn on becoming a member. If the scout moved up from Cubs, having completed the Link Badge before leaving Cubs, the major part of this badge has basically already been completed by the time he/she is invested into the troop.

Target badges

In order to be awarded the Pioneer, Explorer or Adventurer Badge, a scout must complete two compulsory Target Badges - Campcraft and Citizenship, as well as any one of the remaining 6 options.
There is potential for overlapping of target badge achievement. For example, a Scout may achieve the Pioneer Campcraft first, but then be in a position to complete parts of the Explorer Campcraft during the time he/she is also working towards acheiving the other two Pioneer target badges.

Various parts of the target badges require scouts to know how to do activities they may not be familiar with. To that end my target badge shortcuts page has links and info to point people towards the relevant information.




The above set of pdf pages, along with those linked on the Proficiency Badge page below, were passed to me from elsewhere, source unknown. They appear to be mostly up to date, as far as they have been checked. Changes are noted in the 2014 changes page.

Some of the above pages are no longer pdf's and reflect the updates as at the start of 2017. These will be progressively updated as time permits.

A few badge requirements were amended in the 2014 printing of the green Award Scheme book. See here for details of those changes.

In late 2016 the topic of Breakng the Cycle was added to the award scheme.
Full details are available at

Proficiency Badges

The aim of the Proficency Badge system is to allow a scout to develop an interest that will be challenging to that individual. Generally they require at least 10 hours of work to achieve them. Full details are found in The Scout Record Book. The details are also available on this page on the Scouts S.A website.

Patrol Activity Badges

A Patrol Activity Badge can be achieved for each level of the Award Scheme. It is earned by each member of the Patrol taking part in the activity, but does not have to necessarily be earned as a part of the patrol the scout is a member of for weekly group meetings.
The activity should take at least 8 hours to complete.


The Cord is awarded upon completion of...


  • The Pioneer Badge
  • 2 Proficiency Badges
  • Red Patrol Activity Badge
  • 6 nights under canvas


  • The Explorer Badge
  • 2 more Proficiency Badges
  • Blue Patrol Activity Badge (total=2)
  • 12 nights total under canvas


  • The Adventurer Badge
  • 2 more Proficiency Badges
  • Green Patrol Activity Badge (total=3)
  • 15 nights total under canvas

There are 4 years available (ages 11-14 inclusive) to complete all three levels, plus the Scout Medallion. Thus a scout should anticipate completing their Pioneer in 12 to 15 months, their Explorer in 15-18 months, and their Adventurer level (and Scout Medallion if desired) in their remaining 15 to 21 months. Keep in mind that a scout who completes everything in 3.5 years is able to link and progress to venturers from age 14.5, but very few complete it all that quickly.

The Scout Leadership Course

In order to be able to attend the Leadership Course, a scout must have achieved their Pioneer Badge. However, other criteria also are taken into account.

The Australian Scout Medallion

The highest Award for a Scout is the Australian Scout Medallion. It requires significant effort, and in order to qualify, a scout needs to

  • Achieve the Adventurer level Cord
  • Participate in the Scout Leadership Course
  • Complete a Leadership Activity/project

The Leadership Activity/Project

There is a great resource on Patroltent covering guidelines for the leadership activity. For those intending to complete the Scout Medallion and thus the Leadership activity, please note that the intention of the leadership activity is to have the scout show leadership and initiative. In most cases planning and running a camp is considered a normal part of the older scouts role, and will probably not qualify for the activity. Activities that involve making arrangements and learning new skills are preferred, and several examples are given on the patroltent page. Other ideas may include

  • Sorting, labelling and cataloging the group equipment shed.
  • Repairing a broken group canoe.
  • Arranging and running fundraising for a specific purpose.
If looking for ideas, talk to the wardens at your local scout camp, as they often have projects that need doing which would suit a Leadership Project.
Please remember that the project can be done at any stage during Adventurer level, you do not have to wait until your other badges are completed befpore you start.

Additionally, Oberon SES have a very good resource on bush Safety
which should be of use to those planning their Adventurer level Journey.

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