The Award Scheme

Citizenship (Explorer)

To achieve the Explorer Citizenship Target, the Scout must complete all of the requirements for Nos 1 to 4, together with any three of the remaining six parts.

  1. Values/Ethics
    1. Promise and Law
      Discuss with your Scout Leader the part that the Scout Promise and Law plays in your life.
    2. Spiritual development
      Assist your Patrol Leader in planning and running a Scouts Own at a Scout Camp or other Troop activity.
  2. First aid
    1. Know the first aid for Explorer Emergencies. OR
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of the DRSABCD principle.
    3. Demonstrate that you can carry out the requirements for first aid at Pioneer Citizenship level.
    4. Demonstrate two types of hand seats and one other way of moving an injured person.
    5. Be able to recognise the symptoms of shock and know how to treat a person who is suffering from shock.
  3. Leadership
    Discuss with your Patrol Leader three examples of when you have had the opportunity to develop leadership skills during the Scout program.
  4. Good turn
    1. Complete a maintenance task to Scout property, e.g. painting, whipping rope ends, removing leaves from gutters, repairing Patrol box or other equipment (minimum service four hours).
    2. Participate in some form of community service that must be over a minimum of four hours (e.g. assist a service organisation, environmental, organisation hospital, etc.)
  5. Breaking the Cycle
    Discuss as a Patrol or Troop your current Troop Code and contribute to annual review of Troop Code and sign
    Make a poster, video or skit on why people bully others
    Alone or in a group research the consequences of bullying and share your findings with the Troops.

  6. Heritage
    1. With your Patrol conduct an activity with an International theme.
    2. With your Patrol, find out about some aspect of the history of your local area and make a short verbal or other presentation about your findings to the Troop. You might choose stories from the past, a person of historic note, a local historical site, a monument, a museum, etc.
    3. With your Patrol plan, prepare and cook a meal from another culture.
  7. Activity
    1. With your Patrol or other Scouts participate in an activity with Scouts from another District.
    2. Alone or with your Patrol plan a tour of your community designed to help a visitor see and learn about it, and either conduct a visitor on the tour or go as a Patrol.
  8. Community
    1. Organise an activity or produce a chart for Cub Scouts on road and bicycle safety.
    2. Prepare a chart for your hall or den showing appropriate contacts for the following emergencies:
      1. Poison
      2. Fire
      3. Injuries
      4. sick animals
      5. damage to roads and bridges
      6. electricity
      7. phone
      8. gas and water.
  9. Environment
    1. Complete section A (Explore and Reflect) of the World Scout Environment Badge.
    2. Complete the remaining two thirds of your project for the Landcare Badge.
    3. On a walk through your local community with your Patrol, identify and record ten ways in which your local community could be more environmentally friendly.
  10. Fitness
    1. Lead a discussion with Pioneer level Scouts about a healthy lifestyle including the need for a proper diet, proper amount of sleep and the value of exercise.
    2. With your Patrol or other Scouts, participate in an activity that focuses on the value of exercise and sport as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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