A Gang Show is a theatrical performance by youth members of both Scouts and Guides. Some Gang Shows have leaders on stage too. Leaders, youth members and parents help behind the scenes. The aim is, through performance, to empower young people to make a positive contribution to society.

The production teams and cast are all volunteers, and plan, write, compose, choreograph, build scenery and props, make costumes and rehearse for several months. A typical show requires 3 to 6 months of rehearsals.

Performance runs range from one day to two weeks, and tickets are available to the public. While a Gang Show is purely an amateur production, the costs to produce and run it can be similar to a professional production.

The most common format is a revue or variety show with song, dance and short comedy sketches. This format was created by Ralph Reader, the original producer, who wrote material including the signature tune. For more details see wikipedia.

Here is a list of all the Gang Shows in Australia that I have located details of, along with a lonk to their webspace. If you have never seen a Gang Show - get along to one near you as soon as you can.

Sydney NSW:
Kirrawee GangShow

Hornsby Gang Show

Cumberland GangShow
Other NSW :
Korimul Gang Show

Albury Gang Show

Central Coast Gang Show
Canberra Gang Show
Victoria :
Melbourne GangShow

Sunraysia Gang Show

Camberwell Showtime
Victoria :
South Metro Showtime

Whitehorse Showtime

Queensland :
Brisbane GangShow

Darling Downs Revue

Redlands Revue
Queensland :
Rochedale Revue

Wonargo Revue

South Australia :
Adelaide Gang Show

Comedy Capers Gang Show

Scouts Shouts Youth Theatre
South Australia :
Carry On Guides

Tasmania :
Hobart Gang Show

New Zealand :
Scouts New Zealand Gang Shows
There are 9 Gang Shows in NZ running over a 2-year season schedule. Links are on the linked page.

If you are involved in one of the above shows and need me to update the address link or the logo image (I could not find all of them online), please send an email via the (text) link below.

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