The Award Scheme

Citizenship (Pioneer)

To achieve the Pioneer Citizenship Target the Scout must complete all of the requirements for Nos. 1 to 4, together with any three of the remaining six parts.

The Citizenship Target is the other obligatory badge of the Target Scheme. This badge allows you, as a Scout, to fulfil the Purpose of the Scout Association.

  1. Values/Ethics
    1. Promise and Law
      1. Know and understand the Scout Promise and Law
      2. Show your Scout Leader that you are doing your best to keep your Scout Promise and you are living by the Scout Law.
    2. Spiritual awareness
      1. Make up a prayer or similar item for use at a Scout meeting/activity.
  2. First aid
    1. Know the first aid for Pioneer Emergencies. OR
    2. Undertake the following:
      1. learn the correct method to obtain a response from an injured person
      2. learn how to find and check a pulse
      3. learn how to, and demonstrate, how you would correctly place an unconscious person on their side (recovery position)
      4. learn and demonstrate the treatments for snake and spider bites
      5. what are three things that could cause a headache or fever?
      6. learn the correct method of treating wounds and preventing infection
      7. learn the principles of foot care, e.g. prevention and treatment of blisters.
  3. Leadership
    Discuss with your Patrol Leader three different examples of times when your Patrol has worked as a team. Explain to your Patrol Leader how you believe this has helped your Patrol.
  4. Good turn
    While earning this badge as a Scout, participate in some form of community service, which must be over a minimum of two hours, preferably outside the Scout movement.
  5. Breaking the Cycle
    1. Watch the 'Bullying it's not part of Scouting' Youtube video and have a discussion with your Leaders and parents about why Scouts do not bully.
    2. Using the Scout video discuss
      1. What do you think is occurring?
      2. How do you think the person is feeling?
      3. Discuss what you would do if you were the person in the video
      4. Who would you share this with?
      5. How does this action fit with our Scout code?
      6. How do you care for yourself or others?
    3. Discuss with your PL/APL your Troop's Scout Code and how the Code applies to you and contribute to annual review of Troop Code and sign.
  6. Heritage
    1. Know the meanings of three local place names and discuss these with your Patrol Leader. OR
    2. Name two cultures within your community that are different from your own. List two ways in which each is different from your own. Discuss your answers with your Patrol Leader.
  7. Activity
    1. With your Patrol, find out what facilities (health, education, leisure, and social) are available in your local area for young people of Scout age. These may be provided by your local government and/or other service providers. Find out who runs them (Department of Health, Department of Education, Local Council etc) and present your findings to the Troop. OR
    2. With your Patrol or other Scouts take part in a tour of your community, designed to help a visitor see and learn about it.
  8. Community
  9. With members of your Patrol, visit an organisation that serves your local community. Find out what service it provides and how it is organised. Such an organisation could be the local seat of government, community service agency, local TV or radio station, newspaper, urban or rural fire service, ambulance station, police station, emergency services, forestry, sewerage authority etc.

  10. Environment
    1. Complete one third of a project for the Landcare Badge. OR
    2. Discuss with your family five ways in which they could be more environmentally friendly. Discuss these with your Patrol.
  11. Fitness

Show an understanding of a healthy lifestyle including the need for a healthy diet, correct amount of sleep and why we need to exercise.

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