Which Proficiency Badge should I do?

Often scouts are not sure what proficiency badge(s) they can achieve, even though they know they need at least two for each Award badge level to obtain the Cord. This chart gives an few suggestions based on what interests a scout may have.

Sometimes creative thinking will help you to realise you have already done enough to pass the badge, and all you need to do is get the info together to have it assessed by your leader or advisor.

These ideas are just to get you thinking creatively, not to short-cut passing badges. So get thinking, and let me know your ideas so I can add them here if you like.

    Cultural Heritage
Have a Bush-Tucker Day
Grab a helpful expert and head into the bush to learn about (Aboriginal) bush-tucker for a day, then make a boomerang and you have basically covered the Cultural Heritage badge
    Fire Awareness
Allocate each scout a different choice from "part A" and have them present the information to the troop.
Visit a Fire Station (which also covers Pioneer Citizenship Part 7).
Deal with Part C in the same way as part A, and this is done is a couple of troop nights!
By Geocaching
If you are already a geocacher, you probably have done all you need to complete the Technology Badge.
Here is my own guideline for successful completion.
  1. Register on and (it is best to use the same id on both sites)
  2. Use GPS to find at least 12 traditional caches and 3 multi-caches (requiring coordinates to be updated in the field)
  3. Find at least 2 GCA Virtual caches
  4. Train another scout to use the GPS, find at least 2 traditional and 1 multi-cache (and thus also be able to update coordinate in the field).
  5. Print a list of your finds and those of the new scout (or email your cacher name to your assessor/leader)
    1. Want more info about Geocaching? See our Geocaching information page.
One option within the Astronomer Badge is to tell the time by the stars. This site may guide you if you desire to know how.
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